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This is a really neat write up! Spotted a small typo: 

"the Fighting Spirit skill was helps the narrative of internal power" should probably be "the Fighting Spirit skill helps the narrative of internal power".

It'd be handy to have a version of this document which was just the class pages, which could be printed and folded in half to slot into the RPG book, or as a table reference.


Thanks for letting me know; typo fixed!

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Rated 5 stars, it is truly excellent fan material from the guy behind the Travel! series (which is excellent). Strongly recommend if you want to offer your players a few additional classes that aren't overly potent and mix well with existing stuff.

Note for the creator:

I noticed a typo on The Fighter where "inspires" is spelled "sinspires". Additionally, "Will" is spelled like "WilL" in the document for Fighter as well. For Sage I did not notice any errors. Just wanted to give you a heads up since the document is otherwise very well put together.

Thanks again for offering this to folks, especially for free! :D


Thanks for pointing that out! I've fixed the "inspires" issue, though it looks like the second one is just a peculiarity with how Aller's (the typeface used here) lower case L looks directly before a period when viewed at certain sizes.

Thanks again for the heads-up! The file has been updated here on the project page if you wish to redownload it.


Sure thing :) Weird how typeface can sometimes make these weird visual glitches, but I'm glad it is all sorted all the same. I'll be sure to redownload. Hope lots of people check this out along with your other stuff too! :D