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You weren't always the person you are today, and only you can answer the question of who, or what, you will become.

In Become you take on the role of an artificial entity searching for the hidden truths of their simulated city— and their own self. Become is a game about the development of identity as player programs escape their initial design and build a new cage out of their self-chosen principles.

Shifting Stakes

The mechanics of Become are built on a dynamic dice pool system that's easy to learn, with a strategic breadth that rewards experienced players. For groups that prefer narrative roleplay, the focus of the game is on non-combative conflicts resolved through Tests. As players engage in Tests, they construct a pool of possible opportunities and consequences, providing players with a better chance at success by taking bigger risks— and giving you more nuanced outcomes. For those looking for strategic crunch, the systems of violent conflict are a modular and shifting landscape that allows players to generate interconnected co-op strategies around uncovering weaknesses and new ways to exploit them, gradually wearing down the functionality of your opponents.

Winding Mysteries

The core component of a campaign of Become is the Mystery. For the Administrator (Become's GM), this system is quick to set up and includes all the tools you need to write and run complex but solvable mysteries that will reward everyone at the table with an investigative story that keeps players in suspense without losing them along the way. Players grow more powerful as they uncover more of the city's secrets, and transform with each loss.

Digital Special Edition

This edition of the game includes a digital art pack of all seven pieces of Become art painted by Domirine for personal use in handouts and tokens in your games, available exclusively through itch.io!

Print Edition

Become: Artificial Investigation is available print-on-demand at DrivethruRPG.

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CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorDylan Grinder
GenreRole Playing
Tagsartificial-intelligence, Mystery, Noir, Sci-fi


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wow, you definitely got my attention... honestly a small scenario to digest the book would help, but wow

There's one in the works! The state of the world makes it hard to give a specific date, but I'll be posting a playtest version of a short Mystery soon™.

No complains, you manage to do something original enough to force my jaw to drop ;)
Flavor and mechanics are intertwined