Official Roll20 launch!

Spoken Magic has officially launched on Roll20! This build-it-yourself/print-and-play version will remain on as a cheap alternative for those who can't afford a more expensive version (or, for now, want to play with physical cards), but now you can buy the game straight from Roll20 fully set up with the rules rewritten to better explain how to play online. And if you post about Spoken Magic on social media, use the #SpeakMagic hashtag so I can see!

If you'd like to purchase the Roll20 edition, you can do so here:

Regardless, I want to thank every one of you who bought this game here. Whether you bought it right at release when I was still tweaking it, came to it from one of the many streams that have honored it with live play, or found it by another path— you've helped carry Spoken Magic to this next location on its journey. By playing, reading, and talking about my game, you've given my words a power they could only have through sharing. Thank you.

edited 27/4/2020 to correct the link

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